FEES - Insured patients

Patients who are insured will need to contact their insurance company to confirm that their policy covers treatments or investigations. Following that they will need to obtain an authorisation number. Most insurance companies will require a referral letter from their GP, before they can authorise their initial consultation. If further investigations, such as diagnostic tests or treatment are recommended, the insurer will need to be kept informed throughout.

FEES - Self funding patients

Although patients may self refer , a GP letter is preferred if possible.

A £75 deposit will be taken at the time of booking which will be deducted from the final payment at the end of the consultation. All charges will need to be settled at the end of the consultation.  All major debit/credit cards accepted.

Initial Consultation (up to 1 hour) - £300

Follow up consultation (same condition) - £180

Other Fees

Repeat prescriptions:

  • During clinic consultation - no charge
  • Without consultation (e.g. email/post or telephone consultation) - £30

Results follow up (telephone and/or email) - £55

Other information

It is helpful in any consultation to have as much previous information on the patient's previous health as possible. This includes a history of other diseases, and lists of current medications. 

Please also inform my secretary as to whether you have had a recent chest x-ray. If you haven't, then a chest X-ray arranged prior to consultation, which we can arrange is usually very helpful.

Patients wishing to explore self diagnosis of their persistent cough are encouraged to visit the following link


For more information about chronic cough in general please see


The Guardian 24.1.16 "Everything you wanted to know about coughs (but were too busy spluttering to ask)."